Online Management Tools

Our builders keep home construction on track with organized online management tools.

Streamlining Custom Home Design and Construction

Every project receives our utmost attention to ensure each client’s satisfaction. To help streamline the home construction process, Richardson Brothers Custom Homes utilizes an online management system that helps us communicate with our clients, vendors, subcontractors, and more. We’ll share weekly and daily updates, upload photos, send over documents, and provide all other needed information.

Everyone involved in the design and construction of your custom home will have access to the web-based platform from anywhere they have Internet. Within the system, clients can quickly find all emails, site photos, blueprints, weekly and daily reports, change orders, material selections, payment requests, project documents, punch-lists, and warranty tracking. The convenience of this online management tool allows us all to be on the same page to improve construction efficiency through clear communication methods.

Better Efficiency, Better Experience

Our goal is to provide our clients with a positive experience while their new home is under construction. The communication and management system we use is just one of the many ways we remove hassles and hiccups from the process.

Richardson Brothers Custom Homes are experts at what we do for a reason. We never stop improving the way we work, whether that’s making our processes more efficient or coming up with new, creative designs for your home, our builders always strive for excellence. Contact us to learn more about how our online management tools work and what you can expect from constructing a custom home in St. George or Southern Utah with us.