The True Home Custom Design

2015 St. George Parade of Homes

Though the exterior may give this home a traditional look, rest assured that the True Home is every bit a custom home. The True Home, built by Richardson Brothers Custom Home for the 2015 St. George Area Parade of Homes, focuses on natural lighting and outdoor access. The front of the house alone has a dozen windows of varying sizes and shapes to fill the home with beautiful daylight. Additionally, the laundry room, dining area, and master suite all have a door that leads directly outside, making the backyard easily accessible.

Residents can work from home in the home office then enjoy a relaxing night in the incredible backyard. With a hot tub, waterfall, built-in pool, and waterslide, the water calls to all. Complete with a patio and rock formations, this backyard is a haven for fun and relaxation. This custom home truly provides the best of indoor and outdoor living in St. George, Utah.