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About Us

At Work Ashram, we strive to provide an environment that facilitates a balance between work and personal life as well as balance between physical and mental health. We believe a healthy body and mind sparks creativity, new ideas, collaborations, and professional growth.  You don’t have to sacrifice health for your work goals. It all starts with your workspace. “Sitting is the New Cancer” is not just a provocative headline but its a reality backed up by various studies. Just Un-Sit and stay Healthy and Energized! We are committed to a holistic approach to health, with our two creatively designed spaces.

First is Un-Sit Work Space - Sedentary hours spent sitting at your workspace can be the cause of various health issues, including an increase risk of cancer. Don't be shackled to Your Desk! At Work Ashram, our office workspaces offer ergonomic adjustable standing treadmill desks where you can work while standing or walking at comfortable pace! Every standing desk comes equipped with a 24-inch monitor, keyboard, mouse, and plenty of power plug points. Just bring your laptop and get to work! We can get you connected and setup easily. Our office space is designed to provide a productive environment where you can get-in those steps and work. If walking or standing is not your thing or you have a knee injury or issues, we also offer desks with stationary bike. Our collaborative shared office space also offer limited privacy of your screen with sheer curtains between each desk. Our goal is to make you move, make you un-sit! 

There may be a time you need to take that zoom call while sitting in privacy! Our single person soundproof booths provide a private space for taking calls without any disturbance or ambient noise. A perfect setup for your virtual meeting or that interview call.  Got tired of working? Get up and practice your putting skills or just walk down the hall to our Pranayama Space.

Our second space is specially conceived Pranayama Space, which allows you to unplug, destress and refocus.  Here you can practice Meditation, Yoga or relax on our zero gravity chairs, which are designed to mimic the position astronauts adopt in space and they offer several benefits such as improved posture, circulation and breathing. This space is custom designed with low light ambiance with offers calming music. You may bring your own headset to listen to your own music or your favorite audiobook! 

The Obvious - A clean, sanitized, safe, and welcoming space is guaranteed, along with free high-speed encrypted Wi-Fi, water, coffee, and tea. You can also avail our printing and scanning services at a nominal charge. 

Conference Room Rental - We also offer conference room rental for up to 8 people. In our conference room, you can raise the desk to hold a meeting while standing; chairs are optional.

Why the name Work Ashram?

We all know what work is, but very few people know what an Ashram is. An ashram is a spiritual retreat center that offers a variety of programs and activities, such as meditation, yoga, and spiritual teachings. It is a place where people go to seek peace, clarity, and transformation. When we talk about Work and Ashram together, we are talking about a healthy spiritual lifestyle that enhances your work life and productivity. The logo of Work Ashram depicts a balance between work and healthy personal life.

About Founder and the story behind Work Ashram

Work Ashram was conceived and brought into reality by Manny Arora after he sold his retail store chain, which he had run for twenty years and had grown to thirty-four locations. Following this, he invested in real estate and became a builder. Although he could work from home to manage the properties, he wanted some time to work away from home without any commitment or lease. However, the only options he found locally were coffee shops or Regus-like office spaces. Manny desired an office space with high-quality resources like external HD monitor and printing and scanning services. He wanted all this along with the ability to stay physically and mentally active. Feeling an absence of community spaces  promoting health and productivity, Manny began working hard to bring Work Ashram to life. Whether you are working a traditional job, pursuing your own passions, or need a place to relax or practice meditation, yoga or Pranayama - Manny is pleased to provide an inclusive and dynamic environment for you.

We are very excited and can't wait to see you at Work Ashram located in beautiful downtown Andover.

Address and Contact Info:

Work Ashram

1 Elm Square, Unit 1F

Andover MA 01810

Ph: 603-662-3230