Work Ashram

Office Space

Un-Sit your Work space - Work Healthy!

Shackled to Your Desk? - Our office workspaces offer ergonomic adjustable standing treadmill desks by Lifespan where you can work while standing or walk and work at a comfortable pace. We alternately offer stationary bike desks too! Every desk comes equipped with a 24-inch LG IPS monitor, keyboard, mouse, and plenty of power plug points and a universal Belkin cable to connect to your Mac, PC or Surface laptop. Just bring your device and get to work! Our office space is designed to provide a productive environment where you can get-in those steps and work.

Un-Sit Your Workspace - Sedentary hours sitting at your workspace is the cause of various health issues including risk for cancer.  Our workspace and Treadmill Desks promote a healthy alternative which makes you move, make you Un-sit! You can simply stand and work or walk and work. Stationary bike desk will keep your body in motion.


Collaborative Space with  Privacy: Your privacy matters! There is a sheer curtain between each desk that blocks the view of your screen from others.    


Conference Room: Our conference room provides a collaborative space for upto 8 people and is equipped with a large 55-inch screen TV, high-quality audio, and a conference call system. 


Single person soundproof privacy room: Our single person soundproof booths provide a private space for taking calls without any disturbance or ambient noise. A perfect setup for your virtual meeting or that Zoom call.


The Obvious - At Work Ashram some things are for granted. A clean, sanitized, safe, and welcoming space. Free high-speed encrypted Wi-Fi, Laser Printer, Water, Coffee and Tea