Choose luxury and class when designing your brand-new home in Hurricane, UT, and enjoy the simplicity of red rock and quiet living.


The development of St. George, as well as the growth present in nearly all the towns in southern Utah, has introduced the warmth and beauty of our state to thousands of new residents. And for good reason, too; many employment opportunities, active entertainment and dining, and unforgettable outdoor recreation make southern Utah a great place to put down roots. One community in particular has enjoyed the economic boom in our corner of the state while keeping its relaxed and small-town energy.
If you’ve never heard of the town of Hurricane before, you may wonder why people from Utah are saying “Hurr-i-cain” wrong. In truth, the town’s name is pronounced “Her-ah-kun” after the settlers that came to live in the area around the 1890s. The majority of these new inhabitants had come from Liverpool, England, and the town kept not only the name but the accent as well! Hurricane was originally founded as part of an effort to grow cotton in southern Utah. Although the environment proved too arid for the crop, Hurricane then became known for its apricots, pistachios, and peaches.

Today, Hurricane is the perfect place to live outside of St. George: distant enough from the tourist traffic to personally enjoy southern Utah, yet close enough that job opportunities, world-class healthcare, and excellent education are never far away.


As the price of real estate continues to rise state-wide, now is the time to take advantage of the market and build a custom home that will last a lifetime. Don’t rely on just any builder when you can hire the best in the business.

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The designs we feature here are starting points for building a home that matches your wants as well as your needs. You will love living in a home by Richardson Brothers Custom Homes, and there is nowhere better to build a home than Hurricane, UT. Come find out what we can do for you!