Located in southwestern Utah, La Verkin is part of Washington County and only a short walk from the city of Hurricane. This city has a population of just over 4,000 individuals, which makes it a welcoming home for those who want to live outside of major Southern Utah cities.

The city’s unusual name can’t be traced definitively back to one source. There are several theories as to how La Verkin got its name. Some believe that the name is a deviation from the Spanish term “la Virgin,” while others theorize that old trappers misspelled Beaver Skin Creek. However the city got its name, you can’t deny that La Verkin is a friendly farm community. La Verkin is also a great place to live and grow a family, especially since it’s part of the Washington County School District, which provides an excellent education. For peaceful living in Southern Utah, La Verkin is the perfect place to build a home.


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