Why Choose Richardson Brothers?

With so many Southern Utah custom home builders to choose from, what makes Richardson Brothers the best at what we do?

25+ Years of Excellence

Every home we’ve constructed in our decades of experience showcases our artistic eye for detail and fine craftsmanship. The Richardson Brothers don’t just throw together a design and let subcontractors take over the rest. We sit down with each client to discuss what they want in a custom home before beginning construction. We’re there on your property, not just to oversee work, but to do the work ourselves. Rick and Riley are not just the corporate faces of our company; they’re the talent that makes every one of our homes unique and beautiful.

Stylish and Functional Custom Designs

Building a home starts long before the concrete is poured. It begins with a vision. Richardson Brothers begin the process with thorough research into the needs of our customers and then design a plan that fits the demands of their active lifestyles. We apply this approach to every phase of design, quality construction, and excellence in customer service. This attention to detail, combined with a new home warranty for every home we build, is your assurance of satisfaction.

Your Priorities Become Our Own

We at Richardson Brothers Custom Homes understand the priorities people hold about life and family. Having a central gathering place, a large kitchen, or enough room to play outside—let us know what matters most to you in your new home. Our custom home builders will do everything they can to honor those priorities.

Build a high-quality, custom home that perfects the art of living.